what's this actually for?

it's mostly a tiny collection of links to things i made, i guess? honestly i just like having a page of my own, like everyone did back in '99 on geocities.

who are you?

i am a literal sea snake who types by slithering across a laptop keyboard.


no, obviously not, there would be way more typos. but it's as good an image of me as any other.


seaflowers: an infrequently updated longform blog. originally about tiny games and pixel stuff, using it for more general stuff now. a microblog; photos of cats, plants, posts about my day, etc and, two really good urls with which I have done pretty much nothing
(I mean, actually I use as my email address, but still)

things i made

back in early 2019, for some reason i decided it would be a good idea to enter a flatgame jam even though i didn't have the slightest idea how to make flatgames, or any other games.

and then i got sort of sucked into learning how to.

here's the game i eventually submitted for the jam, possibly the worst flatgame in the world, which is about rock pools and seashores and a little crab coming home to their fishfriend.

in which i continue trying to learn how to use construct2: a tiny seahorse. this one has like, collision and stuff. not really a flatgame, just a little cute thing.

construct2 attempt 3: baby's first platform game, made as a valentine gift for my partners. garden & snake

entered the ms paint jam just for the hell of it and made a tiny game about flying through space back home to your alien gf.

fuck this fanta can in particular: a small platform game about a sea slug who is unhappy to discover the fanta can in the mariana trench. (which is a real thing, btw). arrow keys to move & space to fire. it has levels! and an opening sequence! sound effects! pixel graphics!

no excuses!: an angry little pile of salt about ableism and capitalism.

this is around when i discovered that bitsy is a thing. i love bitsy. it has an awesome simple/retro look, it is very very easy to get started with but can be expanded, especially with hacks, into much more complex games.

for the most part i've been sticking with the simpler end of things, of course.

walk cycle: my very first bitsy. no real objective, just take a walk through some pixel woods before heading home.

go the fuck to bed: a short game about the most difficult challenge of all.

new parent gothic: made for the "teeth" themed bitsy jam; a bitsy about life with a teething child.

time difference: a 60-second blob of interactive sadness about being far away from the one you love.

and a couple more games i threw together for game jams:

heck this bag of chips in particular: a sequel to "fuck this fanta can" in which slug hero continues to clean up the sea. has music!

the minotaur's tale: oh my god, if you had told me even a week before making this that i would be able to make a functioning roguelike i would've stared blankly at you and said "no." i don't know how i made this in a weekend, and it's not everything i wanted it to be, but at a basic level it works and i feel like that's a pretty big achievement.

go for a walk and stop for a drink in a cafe simulator: a little bit of quarantine vent-bitsying which is 100% what it says in the title. this was intended to be for the "isolation" bitsy jam, but i was about a month late finishing it.