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get in loser, we're going... nowhere

hey, i know all the cool kids have carrds but i am not a cool kid. i am:
  • xennial (that is, between gen x and millennials; that is, early 40s)
  • queer (genderqueer bi butch, she/they or whatever else)
  • a parent (co-parenting a toddler with 4 other queer ppl)
  • disabled (like, pretty badly tbh? connective tissue disorders suck)
  • in a permanent state of brainfog (due to the above)
  • very fond of cats and lizards
  • extremely online since like 1997
  • deeply nostalgic about the internet of the 00s
  • old, tired, and mostly just trying to get through the day


raindrop blue: an intermittently updated blog; photos of cats, plants, posts about my day, etc and, two really good urls with which I have done pretty much nothing
(I mean, actually I use as my email address, but still)

I still use twitter for some reason

tiny games i made on

a little more about the tiny games